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#WoollyBurns Pop Culture Diaries: PWYC Style!

You might have seen last week the first of our #WoollyBurns “vlog” series Pop Culture Diaries. We asked Woolly staff and patrons what piece of pop culture they remember most and what they couldn’t live without.

Today’s videos come to you from the Pay-What-You-Can line for Mr. Burns, a post-electric play. Without further ado:

Meet Audrey: She’s equipped to outlive you during the apocalypse ’cause she’s got tips from the Tribal Council.


Meet Meghan: Her talents don’t include whistling, but if it came down to the wire, she would need to learn.


Meet Emily: See who her reality TV cooking hero is. He’s an Original with a lot of spice. ALLEZ CUISINE!


Meet Ryan: So he wouldn’t remember The Simpsons during the apocalypse, which we think is crazy talk. He is obsessed with another cartoon, mmkay. He does a pretty good impression though…we’ll give him that.


~Noel Edwards, Marketing and Communications Assistant



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