#WoollyBurns Pop Culture Diaries: Round 3

Happy Friday Mammoths! If you’ve been following us on our blog and social media, you’ll know that we’ve created a “vlog” series called “Pop Culture Diaries.” We asked Woolly staff and patrons what piece of pop culture they remember most and what they couldn’t live without if the world were to end—here’s the responses from Episode 1 and Episode 2.

For Round 3:

Meet Bob, he is the master of his domain and his favorite sitcom and yada yada yada…


Meet Christina, Christina’s not dumb. She knows what she would need to survive after the apocalypse. Yeah. YEAH-AH. Who wouldn’t want a little Jim Carrey to brighten the rest of your days?


Meet Jason, he could be the number 2 guy for Dunder Mifflin’s number 2 guy. If the world ends tomorrow, we’ll have a paper shrine to Dwight Schrute.


Meet John, his rhymes would make the apocalypse a little bit brighter. We could probably use some of his wisdom too.


~Noel Edwards, Marketing and Communications Assistant


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