The “American Dream”

We’ve got a new American Dream: it’s not any easier to attain, but it doesn’t require quite as much hard work. You’ll be rich and famous, but you’ll most likely be judged for it.

It’s the American Dream to be a sellout.

Urban Dictionary included this example in one of its definitions of “sell out.” I decided to explore it a little more.

This American Dream doesn’t quite fit the original, but if you think about it in terms of getting the mansion with all its accessories, most people would go to any lengths to get there. In Civilization (all you can eat), there are a number of characters who are trying to make it in a competitive and unforgiving business world. They all make sacrifices, some more of a detriment than others, to attain the American Dream in the big pig Capitalist world.

How far would you go to achieve the new American Dream? Would you go far enough to sell out?

Here are some big examples of those that may have lost sight of their artistic dreams. Now these might not be people we all dream of growing up to be, but most yearn for their celebrity status.

For an explanation on this one and other examples, read this article on the 7 biggest celebrity sell outs of all time.

This one should be easy. They already have an all-expenses paid life thanks to their macho husbands, and they flaunt it on national television for about $250,000 a season.

Ricky Gervais knows he’s worth more than the Golden Globes, and he might start accepting the big gigs he’s turned down just for fortune. Is he selling out?

Nelly is considered a sell out by some who think he has left his real roots for urban hip hop.

There are those that choose not to sell out though. They work hard and achieve success on their own terms. Like Mark Zuckerberg:


Steve Jobs, who admitted he admires Mark Zuckerberg for not selling out.

BUT (and I hate to disagree with a guy who really achieved the American Dream), selling out just might be the new way to achieve the almighty American dream.

~ Noel Edwards, Marketing and Communications Assistant



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2 responses to “The “American Dream”

  1. As usual I say DUH… ????What the HE-DOUBLE TOOTHPICKS??? Find several folk who represent the general population, not just real artists… I understand that you have just researched successful people… I get it really…!

    • Courtney

      Wow what a pain you are, the point was to promote the ‘selling out’ of the theatre not necessarily all about Nelly. Read correctly & knowledgable Lizzie Dukes! #gowoollymammoth

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