Remember good old (no pun intended) Harold Camping? He told us the world was going to end on May 21st, with all the “good souls” raptured up to heaven while the rest of us encountered plagues, earthquakes, etc. etc. Well after May 21st came and went with no apparent changes, Camping told the media that May 21st was a “spiritual judgment” and the actual Rapture would now occur on October 21st. A “snooze button apocalypse” if you will—thanks Alexandra Petri. (PS- check out the shoutout to the Boise playbill in the article hooray!)

Well today is October 21st—I’ve been searching for weeks to see if there would be as much hype this time around: trending Twitter topics, post-Rapture looting Facebook pages, Non-Rapture parties, pet rescue services, hey even Woolly joined in and had a Non-Rapture discount on our Season subscriptions!

I’ve been following this story today and tweeting out some funny things I read, here is a sampling:

  • Many ultra-religious people don’t believe Camping because they say the Bible says the date of the Rapture is unknown.
  • With this website  people can fill out a Power of Attorney form for $100 to decide who to leave their possessions to in the case that they’re Raptured.
  • In September 2011 Harold Camping was awarded an Ig Nobel Prize (parody of the real Nobel Prize) for “teaching the world to be careful when making mathematical assumptions and calculations.”
  • Apparently today is when the October LSAT scores come out today, hence why some say the Rapture is coming.

@TheLocalGinger: Not wanting to brag but i’ve survived about 5 raptures now. #rapture

@TheatreRo46: Cannot decide what to wear for the #Rapture this time. Know I have to leave it behind; but, I do want to look my best when He gets here.

@RaptureHelpDesk: You are allowed two carry-ons for the #RAPTURE today, small animals are counted as one…

We even had some casualties in our own theatre today…(see end of album).

In addition, because we want everyone to see A Bright New Boise before the world ends, we want everyone to stampede to Woolly tonight: ALL REMAINING SEATS FOR TONIGHT’S PERFORMANCE ARE BEING SOLD AT THE PRICE OF A STAMPEDE SEAT- $15!! Yes, that’s right you heard me correctly. Use code 1428 in person, over the phone (202-393-3939), or online at www.woollymammoth.net.

Until next time…(maybe)

~Brooke Miller, Press and Digital Content Manager










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