Favorite Childhood Crafts

I went to sleepaway camp for 11 years. What does this mean besides I’m a pro at jacks, coming up with rainy day activities, and memorizing song lyrics for alma maters? I’ve done A LOT of crafts. Take a visit to my parents’ house and you’ll see tons of clocks from the woodshop, paintings, pottery, friendship bracelets—you name it I’ve made it. In honor of the Hobby Lobby setting of A Bright New Boise, I figured I would make a list of my top 10 favorite childhood crafts. Here we go:

#10: Lanyard: You know, there was the “box stitch,” “chinese staircase,” “cobra,” etc. You can also do these stitches with string in the place of lanyard.

#9: Bead bracelets: Yeah, pretty self-explanatory.

#8: Watercolor paintings: My mom says I used to make a ton of these and then frame them as gifts for my family.

#7: Painting shells: Whenever I’d go to the beach one of my favorite activities was to come home and paint the shells afterwards.

#6: Googly eyes: I’m not really sure what was so fun about googly eyes but this was another staple of my childhood. On popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, etc.

#5: Ceramics/clay projects: I meant to take photos of some of the ones in my house when I was back in NJ this past weekend (#fail) but I do have lots of these. I also used to love those birthday parties where we got to make these.

#4: Collages: For my mom’s birthday one year I made her a photo collage of my siblings & I in the shape of the word Mom. Yeah, I was that cool.

#3: Tie dye: There are few things more fun than tie-dying. My sorority in college even had a tie dye event to raise money for our philanthropy. *Disclaimer: be careful with the laundry…might have found that out the hard way.

#2: Hot loops: Come on ladies, you remember these. You put the loops over your fingers to make neon colored scrunchies, bracelets, and headbands. See: http://www.amazon.com/Wool-Novelty-Loops-Small-Brights/dp/B00178I588

#1: Perler beads: This was my absolute favorite rainy day activity. Making all these bead projects with the shapes they gave you, or in my more creative days using the blank square/rectangle and making my own designs out of it. See: http://www.eksuccessbrands.com/perlerbeads/.

As part of the social media activity surrounding A Bright New Boise, we’ll be asking our followers on Twitter a question at the beginning of each week pertaining to the show, and we invite you to respond to us (use the hashtag #WoollyBoise). This week, you guessed it, the question is: What is your favorite childhood craft?

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~ Brooke Miller, Press and Digital Content Manager


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  1. I really like that style! Thanks very much for telling this! I actually usually really like picking up brand-new hobby ideas

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