What is the Role Technology Plays in Your Life?

Here at Woolly we love to hear what our audiences are saying! At the Pay-What-You-Can performances of The Agony and the Ecstasy of  Steve Jobs this past Monday and Tuesday, we surveyed our audience members and asked them the question: What is the role technology plays in your life? Here are some of the responses that we got:

“I’m online so much that my students and colleagues worry when they haven’t seen me online for awhile.” ~Erik Larson, 41

“My life is dependent on Google services (gmail, calendar, contacts, gchat, Googledocs, greader, blogger, etc.) So I decided NOT to go back to China (for awhile) after the Chinese government blocked the Google service there.” ~ Fang Fang, 26

“Just that I’m so bad at it and I want to do better.” ~Mary Scarpa, 56

“I find the Internet rather terrifying: its immensity, its vacuousness, its inherent ever-expanding formlessness.” ~ John Boonstra, 26

“I went to Canada this past summer for vacation. I only brought my phone for navigation, communication, and planning. When I lost reception as I crossed the border, I was hobbled: no map, address, phone numbers, or any idea where I was going. Thrown straight back to 1992! But it was one of the most exciting times and I had more and better interactions with that friend than I have in a long time.” ~ Aubri O’Connor, 27

“I come across very informed to people who don’t understand it. I taught someone to cut and paste in 2004. He looked over- no joke- and exclaimed ‘This cut and paste thing is amazing!’” ~ Lorin Kleinman, 41

“Technology hates me.” ~Anonymous

“Often, especially with older colleagues at work. One time a colleague came to me with a data CD in a jewel case and asked me to open it. I immediately thought she needed help accessing files on the CD, so I opened it…and then she stopped me and said, ‘Wait, do that again.’ Yeah…” ~ Carly Borgmeier, 30

“One time at technology camp…” ~ Jan Remissong, 46

“I conducted a relationship by Skype. We were about to wed online, but my finace’s parents couldn’t comprehend the whole idea! Oops! I also keep connected with my family and friends in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.” ~ Bigz Aloysious Bigirwa, 30

http://blog.ich-wars-nicht.ch/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/foreplay.png” ~ Juliette Larmier, 24

“Drunken texting is the downfall of my life.” ~ Ruth Rasby, 24

“I know that a lot of folks are scared of technology, and I’ve certainly had some moments of technological frustration or panic. But in general, I think of it as a good thing- something that lets us do more things quicker and be connected to more people in our lives.” ~ Layne Amerikaner, 25

What is the role that technology plays in YOUR life? Let us know!

Interested in contributing your thoughts to the blog? E-mail brooke@woollymammoth.net

~ Brooke Miller, Press and Digital Content Manager


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